Hello and Welcome

Hello there,

This is the first blog post I have ever written. I feel that I should be ranting about the state of the union or the musical scene that I feel disconnected from or all of the songs that have been flowering in my head in the past month. However, there has been a great number of “things” that have happened for me in the past six months when I did not have access to the relevant technology to write about. So what I have decided to do is spend a little time looking back over period of time that included my debut EP launch. I am enormously proud of the final recordings and grateful to all the people that contributed to making them, along with all the other launch related media, as beautiful as they are.


So Adieu for now and stay posted for my retrospective/compilation of events, feelings and materials that are to do with my EP Smoke Signals; and in the near future I shall start pummelling you with all the current things that are going on in my world. Including…..wait for it…no you! Turn back this way at once! I am not done…work on a début album.

Many thanks,


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